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Legal Dept Benchmarking ROI Calculator


About the ROI calculator

If you are considering purchasing the ACLA/CLANZ Legal Department Benchmarking resources to use in reducing your total legal spend, what sort of return on investment might this represent?

If you have already used strategies developed from the Benchmarking Report to generate cost savings, what investment return can you attribute to your purchase?


What's a good investment rate?

Many organisations have investment guidelines and hurdle ROI rates, which should be the primary benchmarks. Here are some simple examples to illustrate a range of rates in different circumstances using simple ROI calculations.


Return on investment examples

Bank investment             (Invest $5000 at 5% interest)                              ROI     5.0%

Equity investment           (Buy shares $5000, sell $6000, broker $50)       ROI   18.8%

Property investment      (Buy $500k. Sell $700k. Costs $50k)                   ROI   27.2%

Business cost saving     (Consulting advice $30k, savings $60k)              ROI 100.0%*

*Assumes one-off costs and savings. If savings are ongoing, ROI will increase.



Legal Dept Benchmarking ROI Calculator


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$What is your total annual internal legal spend?

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$What is your total annual external legal spend?

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With the benefit of strategies derived from the extensive data and peer insights from the ACLA/CLANZ Legal Department Benchmarking resources, approximately what percentage of savings do you consider to be achievable, or what savings have you already achieved using such strategies? - Default; use 10-20%

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Our Projected/Actual Savings


Our Anticipated/Actual Return on Investment (ROI)




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All figures should exclude GST

Arithmetic ROI calculations used, excluding time value and other complexities

Formula: ROI = ((Return-Investment)/Investment)x100

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