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Team Factors has access to a wide range of market research and benchmarking materials. Team Factors also conducts independent research

Contact us for an obligation-free consultation on independent research possibilities using Team Factors' contacts and networks or your own clients/ prospective clients

From time to time, some of Team Factors' research is released. Selected reports may be ordered below. (We reserve the right to decline orders)

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Presentation outline: The Future of Law

Corporate Lawyers Association conference, 14 May 2010, Rotorua

Are you too busy operating in the now to think about different ways of doing things in the future? The future is already here, yet unevenly distributed, so you may have missed what others around the world have already started doing. Panellists share a concise and sometimes provocative package of future strategies. What's happening in New Zeraland, Australia, Asia-Pacific and internationally? What works? What doesn't work? What can work better? And what else is coming down the track?



The most comprehensive information of its kind now available for leading Australian and New Zealand organisations keen to improve the effectiveness and demonstrate the value of the legal function.

As featured in National Business Review, New Zealand Business Herald, Australian Financial Review, Boardroom (Institute of Directors), Lawyers Weekly, NZ Lawyer, Australian Legal Business and LawFuel, plus commentary by Peter Davis, Ron Baker, Simon Tupman and others.


Detailed information has been moved to dedicated pages

- with full details, brochure, information sheet, order form, media commentary, lists of contents and more



The latest most comprehensive report on the state of the business of law in New Zealand. It provides an in-depth analysis of the trends affecting the legal profession, supported by demographic, statistical and financial data.

The underlying message in this report is clear: the legal industry globally is changing rapidly and New Zealand is not exempt. While developments may pose some threats to long established legal markets, they will also create new opportunities.

How does your legal practice measure up?


Clients rank top firms on price and performance, as reported in the CLANZ newsletter, with the full Price-Performance matrix graphically illustrating the price-performance rankings of New Zealand's largest law firms. The law firm price-performance matrix is based on a survey conducted by Team Factors with CLANZ and Thomson Reuters involving nearly 30% of New Zealand's in-house counsel as key client representatives of New Zealand's leading law firms..


"The quality of Ron's practices and techniques makes this the leading benchmark survey. This particular matrix is one recognized internationally as the key performance indicator." Chief Executive, Large law firm.


The full high-level price-performance matrix is available free. For more information on personalised presentations using in-depth branding attributes as perceived by organisational clients from extensive independent research, please contact us directly.



Team Factors provided methodology and design advice and conducted the New Zealand Law Awards 2006. Team Factors also analysed the voting data for the selection of winners in the New Zealand Law Awards 2007, 2008 and 2009. We now exclusively hold all performance data from those Law Awards, together with an unparalleled insight into winning strategies.

  • Full Report: For a confidential, personalised report specific to your firm, contact us for a full report detailing how clients voted, the criteria on which your firm scored highly, those on which it scored less well, what clients said about your firm, and success strategies based on the actual methodologies deployed in practice.
  • Information use: Voter comments and personalised analysis reporting are provided for internal strategic use only; not marketing purposes. Confidential reports are tailored specifically for your firm.
  • Limited opportunity: This service will be withdrawn if Team Factors agrees to conduct the 2010 awards.

Contact us for your full report and a deeper understanding of the Law Awards methodologies, and success strategies


Remuneration results from the most extensive research survey of its kind, conducted in late 2007. Over 2400 lawyer participants represented approximately a quarter of NZs legal profession in law firms and in-house. For in-house lawyers, participation rates were even higher, with nearly 30% of the in-house profession participating, including over 115 General Counsel.


Many lawyers have access to a unique online resource, the Connect™ Legal Salary Calculator. Now the employers of in-house lawyers have unprecedented access to complete information about lawyer remuneration, including base salaries, benefits, bonuses, working hours, pay satisfaction and more.


With data in tabular and graphical form, and not limited to preset quartiles, you see actual percentage groupings. This provides a richness and depth of information, and easy calculation for any quartile analysis relevant specifically to your own needs. For in-house counsel, there's also no need to buy a second report to compare pay rates across public and private sectors; your report delivers cross sector comparability at no extra cost.


Full Dataset Reports Now Available

"Just the figures" - complete graphs and data-charts, with complete datasets - base salaries, benefits, working hours, salary increases, and much more.

  • In-house Counsel Remuneration Report - Available now

                     Ideal for General Counsel, Chief Legal Advisers and HR Managers

                     Pricing: $600 plus $75 for each additional lawyer employed (capped at 20) +gst

                     To order, or for more information, contact us.

Dataset Reports are for your own use, not to be copied or distributed outside your organisation.


Legal department best practices and the use of lawyers, from comprehensive survey research with the general counsel of many of New Zealand's largest organisational users of legal services

Management and benchmarking information for the legal function of corporate and government organisations, plus a wealth of new information for law firms keen to meet the new client dimension.

  • Foreword by author and world leading legal services consultant David Maister
  • The updated and trans-Tasman ACLA/CLANZ Legal Department Benchmarking Report 2008 is now available, so the earlier Chief Legal Officer Report 2006 is now available on application only - please contact us with queries

"i've now read the Report from cover to cover and it's really excellent. It also makes very clear some of the things we have to do and some of the opportunities we have. Some of what the in-house lawyers value most highly are not always what I would have expected (often to our advantage I think)." Managing partner

"The Chief Legal Officer Report is a great resource for any organisation once it gets beyond simply knowing how much it spends on legal services. It's extremely useful for benchmarks such as the mix of in-house to external legal services and the cost of legal services against various benchmarks. Keep up the great work." General Counsel

"The Report is ... really good market analysis. I particularly liked the Improving Relationships  section. Congratulations; brilliant piece of work." Lawyer, multinational


The essential report on management and financial performance in the New Zealand legal profession.

A special What Do Clients Think? section includes:

  • Price-performance perceptions by lawfirm clients
  • Who clients use, would use & would not use - top law firms named
  • Public sector legal spending - top 30 law firms ranked

Plus much more, with sections on practice management, human resources and corporate counsel

Graphs, figures, tables and rankings throughout


A 22 page report with the results of research conducted with New Zealand lawyers in December 2006 on the business, including pricing and marketing, of wills, estates and trusts work in New Zealand.


As featured in National Business Review and Law Talk

Second annual survey of managing partners of law firms in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The Report reveals law firm optimism on key economic factors (revenue, profitability, expansion plans, likelihood of employing more lawyers, & more)


This unique survey offers observations and insights about relationships between companies and their regulatory agencies and the nature of those relationships, including perceived attitudes and the use of confidential information given to regulators.

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